Why You Need a Beard Brush

Most guys out there want a beard that inspires endless praise from onlookers. Who wouldn’t want a beard that could be labeled as “epic”? “Magnificent”? “Wizardly”? Maybe even “God-tier”? If you strive to achieve a beard worthy of these descriptors, you’ll have to add another very important word to your vocabulary: “Pampered.”

Yeah, we know. The word “pampered” probably brings to mind cute little dogs, or maybe kids who are spoiled rotten by their parents. But your beard is precious, right?

So there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t give it the same attention and care a doting parent lavishes upon their little ones. Meticulous grooming and attention to detail are how you achieve true greatness in facial hair. You’re worthy of a beard for the ages, and that means your whiskers deserve to be pampered.

Treat your beard with a best beard brush

But let’s get our facts in order here. “Pampering” your beard doesn’t mean going to the salon and sipping champagne. Nor does are you going to need to throw inordinate amounts of money at it, either. You can pamper your beard and bring out its best with nothing more than a humble Beard Comb and Beard Brush.

The simple act of brushing out your beard is a great way to take care of your beard. It helps whisk away debris, dead skin, and loose hairs—all while giving you a better idea of just how long your facial hair has grown.

Now, the truly pampered life would mean having a group of personal assistants at your beck and call, all of them waiting to comb your beard for you. But that’s no way to live. We regular joes are happy to take on the grunt work ourselves, taking our whisker’s welfare into our own hands.