Why Are Window Blinds Superior To Curtains?

Window blinds are a great alternative to curtains in the home. Mainly, blinds are popular today because they have an aesthetic appeal and fit the modern home. They are good and provide insulation for both hot and cold climates, as well as providing high levels of privacy.

Originally, window blinds featured prominently in the office as they were easy to maintain, unlike curtains that need to be washed as blinds can be easily dusted and cleaned.

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Blinds were also chosen over curtains because they are easy to install and take up little space. However, in recent years blinds have also become more popular in the home, more designs are now available, and with more options and clear benefits, it's easy to see why.

Depending on the design of blinds you choose, blinds can be very compact and necessary. A roller blind will neatly roll into a roll of material at the top of the window.

For people with large houses this may not be a problem and curtains can be a feature of the room, but with smaller homeowners this is a factor to consider.

Another great benefit of window blinds is the amount of control people have over them, with blinds you can control the amount of light and privacy you want with a very simple action. Vertical blinds, for example, can be adjusted and the slats move to allow minimal light to pass through and also offer privacy in the home.