What Are the Top 3 Locations in a Nile River Cruise?

You should take a cruise down River Nile to see all the main attractions of Egypt in a short time. You will find many fascinating sites along the way when you cruise down this river, which is the longest river in the world.

There are many Egypt Nile cruise holidays available. Each package is different depending on where you wish to go.

These are the most visited places on the Nile River Cruises. These three places are the main ones. We will also show you what the most distinctive feature is of each one.  You can find the best Egypt tour package deal with an amazing discount.

Egypt Travel Packages

Abu-Simbel should be your first stop.

Abu-Simbel temple will be the main destination on Luxury Nile cruises. This destination is a frequent stop on many holiday trips. The well-respected Presidential Nile Cruise has a great reputation in this industry.

It is UNESCO's World Heritage Site and is sacred to Egyptians. You can visit beautiful places while on Nile Cruise boats, and there are many desert landscapes you can enjoy while you travel.

Karnak Temple should be your second stop.

You should also visit the Karnak temple complex, which is located on any 5 star Nile Cruises. It is the most sacred site for Egyptians.

It is just as important as the pyramids and the sphinx of Giza. Near the Karnak temple is Amun, one of the most well-known temples on the site of King of GODs.

The completion of this temple complex required many years. It was completed by thousands of workers over several years.

Valley of the Kings should be your third destination.

Another site is the Valley of the Kings, where you will find the Temple of the Boy King Tutankhamun. This boy-king is historically renowned. This is a must-see attraction. You must stop by the hotel Nile palace Luxor if you are planning an all-inclusive vacation.