What Are Kitting And Assembly Services?

Kitting is one aspect of fulfillment that can consume a lot of time so, it is a smart move to invest in kitting services. This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business. We will explain what kitting services can do for you and how they can save you time and money.

Many 3PL providers offer customized kitting and assembly services. It is the act of combining items that arrived in separate pieces into one group.

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There are some small differences between assembly and kitting:


Kitting is the process of combining pieces into one kit. These kits are often pre-built in small batches.

Why is kitting so important? Kitting allows you to create a kit and ship it as soon as the customer places an order. Kitting is a method of ordering a specific combination in advance, which is different from regular orders.


Packaging each item that makes up a kit is called assembly. Your kit is ready for shipping once it is assembled. For efficiency and speed, kitting and assembly services are often performed at stations where fulfillment personnel has stocked up in bulk.

Many companies offer a variety of pick-and-pack and kitting services that will meet your requirements. They can handle all your kitting needs, including shipping promotional prizes and special-priced product bundles.