Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Admins

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small software programs written in web technology with little or no user interface. These web technologies include CSS, HTML and JavaScript and help change browser behavior to better suit user needs.

Why are Chrome extensions useful?

The Chrome extension adds extra functionality for your basic browsing needs. A great example is an ad blocker. For the most part, advertisements can be extreme and you don't want to see them. So, what do you do? The answer is to install a Chrome extension which can detect users who are currently running and prevent them from seeing some ads.

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How do Chrome extensions help Salesforce?

You may be thinking, "this bad mouse, doohickey extension sounds cool and all but how does it work with salespeople" but guess what? There is a Chrome extension developed exclusively for Salesforce!

Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Salesforce:

1. Salesforce API Name: Allows you to switch between the field label and the field API name in a one-touch object record.

2. Sales Force Change Modification Assistant: Adds additional functionality to filter, order, and search as components are added to a set of changes.

3. ORGanizer: Helps organize Salesforce login sections and colors so they're easy to navigate and differentiate.

4. Check All Salesforce Admins: Checks all bookmarks on the administration page so that administrators don't have to check each setting individually.

5. Salesforce Inspector: Allows admins and developers to view metadata directly from the Salesforce user interface.