Time And Attendance Systems Provide Essential Security Data

The traditional engine for installing a new time recording system is the administration sector. Administration requires a record of who is present at work and when. This data is transferred automatically or by entering and transferring data to the payroll. However, for security personnel, the time attendance system offers security benefits.

Cloud based time and attendance system is very useful in multi-level access situations, for example when security and management need access to all areas at all times, research personnel must have access to protected areas such as laboratories or workplaces and administrative staff need access to public areas and work areas.

The time recording system can be easily configured so that people can only access the designated work area.

In a retransmission system where tokens must allow access and exit, unauthorized persons who have been given access to the area protected by the following and authorized persons cannot leave without the token.

Biometrics is highly recommended for applications that are very safe and user friendly. In addition to administrative functions, biometric systems can inform security personnel precisely who has access to which rooms, areas or facilities.

With regard to health and safety, it is important that safety officers have quick and easy access to real-time data. In the event of an accident or emergency, the system shows exactly who is at the location and this data can be compared with the number of heads at the collection point.