Three Crucial Cancer Screening Tests in Kenya

There are many cancer screening tests that aim to detect certain types of cancer before symptoms appear. Modern medical research has made great strides in developing screening tests that can sometimes show cancer cells early so treatment can be started. 

However, there are 3 basic screening tests that everyone should take regularly as they have been shown to reduce mortality and greatly increase your chances of beating cancer if diagnosed early. You can also have a peek at for cancer screening test in Kenya.

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Colon Cancer Screening is available for both men and women. Everyone should routinely undergo this type of screening when they are between the ages of 50 and 65 unless problems indicate otherwise. 

Cervical cancer screening is another test that has a high cure rate if detected early. Women who have an annual Pap smear are more likely to tell immediately if the disease is progressing. If detected early, there is a high cure rate. Every woman over the age of 18 must undergo a smear test and a gynecological examination every year. 

Breast cancer screening is very important and is done with mammography and subsequent biopsy if a lump is found. The earlier this type of disease is detected, the greater the chance for complete recovery. Women over the age of 50 should have a mammogram every year.

These are the 3 main screening tests that affect patient survival statistics. Remember to incorporate this test into your exercise routine so that if you get a positive diagnosis, you have the best chance of beating cancer.