The Importance of Sports Dentistry for Active Athletes

In sports dentistry, the gums, teeth, and hard or soft tissues in the mouth are mainly protected by a properly fitted mouthguard. Nevertheless, this field of dentistry applies not only to professional or school athletes but also to normal people who need 5 specially developed mouthguards. You can now get sports dentistry from the best dentist via

Oral health and its importance in sport - Clnica Pardias

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However, advances in sports dentistry can be clearly seen in professional sports, where the headgear already contains a mouthguard specially adapted to protect athletes from injury.

In addition to the main facilities, school sports managers require their athletes to wear face masks and other faces, mouth, and head protection to prevent injury from accidents. The dental funnel not only protects the teeth but also stabilizes and protects the temporomandibular joint and protects it from strong impacts. It also reduces injury to soft tissues like gums, the inside of the cheeks, and lips. 

Some of the popular sports that require the use of mouth and head protection include soccer, hockey, boxing, motocross, BMX cycling, skiing, lacrosse and racing. There are different types of mouthguards that differ in the materials used. 

Some examples are specialty sports shop mouth guards made by dentists, mouth guards, and types of boils and bites. The difference between boiling and biting is that the material is made of thermoplastic which is then put into boiling water to be reheated and the athlete bites a semi-warm material that matches the contours and structure of the teeth and gums.

In contrast, individual mouthguards are made to match the athlete's tooth structure. Usually made of acrylic with an inner layer of soft material, but an outer layer of harder acrylic for protection.