The Hawaii Military Divorce Process

The article explores the military divorce process in Hawaii. The benefits of this process and what makes it different from other states are covered.

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What is a military divorce?

When a member of the military is married, they are legally bound to their spouse until they are divorced by order of a court. Military divorces are handled differently than civilian divorces. The military requires both spouses to be present in order for a divorce to be finalized. If one spouse is absent, the divorce may not be finalized. 

There are also restrictions on when and where a military divorce can be filed. For example, the court may only allow a divorce to be filed in Hawaii if one spouse is stationed in Hawaii. These include adultery, desertion, and cruelty. There is no waiting period required for a military divorce.

Hawaii Military Divorce Process

If you are military personnel stationed in Hawaii and are feeling the strain of a broken marriage, there is help available. The Hawaii military divorce process is straightforward and relatively painless, provided both parties agree to proceed.

The first step in filing for a military divorce is to make an appointment with your nearest Family Court office. This will allow you and your spouse to discuss the situation and come to an agreement on what steps should be taken next. 

Once an agreement has been reached, both spouses must file a petition with Family Court. This document will outline the specific reasons why the marriage should be dissolved. After reviewing the petition, Family Court may issue a temporary restraining order or decide not to dissolve the marriage at all.