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What is a Character Counter and Why Do We Need It?

Character counter is an essential tool for a variety of social media platforms that require a specific character limit for each post. This is mainly because you have to think about what would you post before writing away. Practice writing the character limit tends to make us think more deeply before posting thoughts and consequently, remove the parts that are not relevant.

What is a word counter?

Some online tools check characters and some tools count words, but this free letter counter not only counts characters but it simultaneously counts the words in an article, too.

Character Counter - WordCounter.net

Word counting is a tedious job to do and can take a lot of our time, so, to prevent that issue, we just copy and paste the piece of writing in the free word counter box and wait a few seconds for the result. And the result is always accurate and fast.

Word counter is a very popular tool used amongst writers, bloggers, etc. since, blogs, articles, etc, need to be written within a specific amount of words. Also, professional writers are paid by the number of words in their writing. Just like the character limit, writing under a specific word limit helps the writer to sharpen their words, remove unnecessary wordings, and eventually, it helps them produce a nice article.