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Worcester Dental Crowns – Your Complete Guide

Dental crowns are commonly fitted over the residual part of your original tooth. They're used as a type of dental restoration. These crowns can also be used as a cap for dental implants.

Dental crowns  are usually made of several materials including ceramic, gold metal, porcelain, and ceramic bonded to metal. These dental accessories made from porcelain are used for front teeth. 

dental crown

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Dental crowns are used whenever you have decay, broken teeth, or worn teeth. They are molded in the dental lab and behave as strengtheners for the leftover of your original teeth. After the completion of this process, your teeth not only become stronger, they also become more attractive. 

In reality, these crowns are so designed that they seem natural and can boost the overall appearance of your tooth. These things are intended to last up to 8 years. 

In case you observe good oral hygiene, then they are also able to last for a much longer time. You also need to refrain from certain damaging habits like ice chewing, teeth grinding and fingernail biting.

It's possible to experience hot and cold sensitivity if your crowned tooth will start to retain its nerve within it. Such sensitivity is particularly experienced between the edge of the gum and the crown. But it is possible to minimize this tendency by using a toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth.