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Macular Degeneration – Curiosity is Essential For Those With Vision Loss

It is wonderful to have a view. I know this because I had it for the first seven years of my life. However, I also know that there is more to you and me than our two eyes. You and I were each born with a tremendous gift that, I believe, is rarely used to its fullest potential. That gift is the gift of curiosity.

Curiosity is essential for anyone who faces brick walls in their life. I think, however, that it is especially important for a person, due to macular degeneration or any other eye condition, who has experienced vision loss to be a curious creature. You can search for the best Elmiron Vision Loss – Elmiron Eye Lawsuits from various online sources.

The opponent may be the fuzzy letters in my mail that I can't see to read. But once I put it under my video magnifying glass and can now see it, I consider myself the winner of this game.

Once I finished college and started my teaching career, I remembered how curious children are. I think this is why they tend to have an easier time adjusting to new situations in their lives. They always look for answers and ask "If I do this, what will happen?"

One winter morning, it was very cold. When the school bell rang, the third graders rushed into the classroom excited. One child yelled, "Ms. Shugart, did you know that if you put your tongue on the flagpole when it's so cold outside, it will stick to the flagpole?"

I thanked him for sharing that science experiment with me and then told him that it was time to start class.

"Does anyone know where Danny is?" I questioned the class when I noticed he was gone.

"Yes," they all chimed in together, "it's attached to the flagpole!"

Be curious as a child. Vision loss is a serious disability, but every brick wall you try to lay before you can be overcome, as long as you stay curious and seek answers.