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Things To Do When Hiring A Perth Tile Installer

Every tile installation shouldn't consider a DIY undertaking. When it comes to difficult designs, intricate compositions, or a haste timeframe, the best option is to get a professional. It can be difficult to cover up and fixing them might require the removal of all tiles and start again.

Employing a professional tile installer is always a smart idea and sometimes it is necessary for a difficult installation. If you are planning for a tile installation in your home then you can contact guntiling.com.au to hire tilers in Perth.

I've compiled the top ways to locate a top-quality tile installer.

Find someone with experience

It is tempting to employ someone who is a handyman, a jack-of-all-trades, or your best friend's uncle, however, it is highly recommended that you choose someone with a minimum of three years of experience working with tile and with a track record of the kind of installation you'll need. You can reduce time, money, and stress by employing a skilled expert with the experience that your project demands.

Speak to the professionals

While you are shopping for tiles make use of the information gathered from designers, contractors, architects, and sales reps. They've worked directly with installers who are qualified and can recommend others they trust and know. You might want to talk with a commercial contractor, too. A majority of tiles sold are employed in commercial structures. Commercial contractors usually know the most skilled tile installers.

Find a licensed installer

Make sure that the prospective contractor is licensed, certified, and is covered by current insurance. Membership to the NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) is required to ensure a professional-grade job. Make sure that the prospective installer is certified via the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF).