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Weaving A Safer Tomorrow With Sustainable Fibres

What's the connection between the plastic bottle, tree, and cotton? You'd be pleasantly surprised to know that they are all contributing towards making clothes more sustainable and environment-friendly.

There are various things like clothing that has been made from recycled materials such as socks made from plastic jars that is recycled has been widely adopted and worn by people worldwide these days.

Learn what sustainable wool is and why they've triggered an evolution in the world of textiles.

Nowadays, sustainability has an entirely new meaning in the industry of textiles. What was once thought of as a duty has evolved into an obsession with the latest innovations? Designers and manufacturers are innovating new types of natural fibers sources. Additionally, traditional manufacturing techniques like spinning, size, textile dyeing, or finishing are re-invented to minimize their impact on the environment. It is important to note that all of these changes are occurring without any compromises in the quality of the yarns, fibers, or fabrics.

PET bottles that have been disposed of are transformed into flakes. They will eventually be transformed into fibers in various denier polyester. This is why recycling PET bottles is cost-effective and can reduce the amount of waste in the amount of waste that goes into landfills. From casual clothes to sporting wear to home furnishings the innovative fiber is found to have extensive use by people.

Fabrics made of Bamboo are well-known for their strength and breathability, softness sweat absorption, as well as antibacterial characteristics. It is often called Bamboo Rayon, this eco-friendly fiber is extensively used in bedding, sportswear towels, and bedding. Bamboos can grow quickly, which makes them a perfect natural source for faster production of textiles, too.