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Learn About the Geography of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a relatively small island nation. Despite its short stature, the country represents one of the most diverse, industrialized, and technologically advanced country in the world.

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Learn About the Geography of Singapore

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Its strategic location and pro-business economic model have produced one of the most economically productive centers in the world. Its place has also made the country full of cultural and religious diversity.

The entire size of this island of Singapore is 700 km2 and it comprises 193km of shoreline. Singapore has been working on a reclaiming procedure for any range of years, in which it utilizes ground obtained from local resources to increase the island.

Because of this the island's soil area has expanded by 200 km2 because of the 1960s. The majority of the island can be found under 15 meters over sea level.

There are no naturally occurring ponds or lakes around the island, however, the government of Singapore has assembled a range of water catchments and water-saving reservoirs to store clean water for public usage.

While most of Singapore is still urban a massive region of the island is covered in greenery. The northern region of the island houses the nation's industrial center. The Central Area from the south is situated close to the nation's busy port and comprises quite a few skyscrapers and the city's financial districts.

Due to its small dimensions, the island of Singapore closely controls its metropolitan planning to maximize efficiency, reduce pollution and supply efficient transport. Additionally, there are a couple of regional centers to decrease the demand for a too concentrated business district.

There's a little island situated off the mainland called Sentosa, which has turned into a tourist attraction. The island includes a Universal Studios amusement park along with two casinos, in addition to a beach hotel.