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Deciding Whether Your Child Should Take Preschool in SIngapore

As the name signifies, preschool is an academic setting designed for children who are too old or advanced for nursery school yet too young to enroll in kindergarten. In Singapore, legal preschools will be authorized by the Office for Standards in Education and must adhere to approved national courses made to teach children the standard skills needed for kindergarten.

If at all possible, a preschool will provide the kind of activities and training lessons that enhance and develop a child's power to achieve success at the next level. This implies preparing the kids for educational readiness by teaching the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes, and designing age-appropriate social activities that activate confidence and also promote interpersonal and emotional maturity.

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Preschool presents great chances for children five years and younger to get a head start on the requirements of kindergarten and other higher education levels. However not required by law, children who enroll in preschool have a significantly better potential for not having to repeat kindergarten – a tendency that is becoming the norm for a huge number of kids nationwide annually. For moms and dads, it is important to have an understanding of the preschool setting. It is also important to meticulously check that potential preschools carry the right qualifications and follow proper guidelines.

Deciding if your kids should enroll in preschool is certainly a personal and essential issue. Many kids who enroll in preschool present greater readiness to attend kindergarten, and from levels K-4, are more likely to be successful in the standard school environment. These kinds of accomplishments tend to level off from grade 4 onwards, and children who have not attended preschool may be equally as adept as those of the same age from that point forward.

Preschool success or worth also is dependent upon the quality of the preschool, the preparedness of your child, and your ability to pay for a preschool program.