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Several Stages In Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is sometimes called a "natural birth". Here we review everything you need to know about normal delivery, including the three stages of labor.

The first stage of labor

The first stage of labor is when the cervix (cervix) gradually expands and opens (expands), ready for birth. At the end of the first phase, your cervix will be fully enlarged so that your baby can move down through your pelvis. To get more details about normal delivery, you may visit https://www.jacarandamaternity.co.ke/labor-and-delivery.

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Second birth

The second phase of labor is when your cervix is fully enlarged and you give birth to your baby. It usually takes a few hours for women who have never given birth – or less for women who have.

At this point, your contractions will be stronger, longer, and more frequent. You will also feel a strong urge to push when experiencing contractions which will help your baby be born. 

The third stage of birth

The third phase of labor is the delivery of the placenta after your baby is born. You can do this of course, which means removing the placenta on its own (known as the physiological third stage). Or you can get help (known as active management) to speed up this phase.

Active management involves injecting oxytocin at birth to increase uterine contractions. After your baby is born, the midwife will tighten and cut the umbilical cord. You then deliver the placenta by gently pulling on the umbilical cord.