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How To Truly Protect The Paint On Your Vehicle In Edmonton

Car washes are essential for removing contaminants that damage and oxidized paint. The damage is even more noticeable if your car is always parked outside.

To protect and enhance the beauty of your vehicle and maintain its value, you need to apply a nanotech paint sealant and glaze. Many people are familiar with wax masks to make their cars shiny and prevent oxidation. Most people usually use a popular wax-based product, hence the name "wax mask".

nanotech paint sealant protection

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While wax-based products are sure to work, they do not bond to the surface and are easy to clean, leaving your colors unprotected. If you keep your car in the garage when it's not in use, the best scenario for car wax life is 3 to 6 months under optimal conditions, temperature, etc.

Whether you spend hours wearing a wax mask or paying for a professional auto parts shop, they will usually wear off after your next wash, heavy rain, snowstorm, etc.

So unless you park or polish your car after every wash, heavy rain, or snowfall, your car won't be effectively protected. However, it makes sense to stick to what is usually considered our second biggest investment in life.

As surprising as it may seem, the best "car wax" is not wax at all, but a quality sealant for paints such as Fire Glaze Auto Polish. It's been around for years and is used by car dealers and other professionals around the world.