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All About Kybella Injections

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your face? A lot of people have excessive fat under and around the chin known as double chins.

A double chin could be caused by genes, age or even increasing weight. The extra fat may persist despite all your efforts to exercise and limit your diet and can cause you to feel less at your best, and cause you to appear larger than you are. And, what's more, getting rid of that extra fat beneath the chin could seem like a challenge. You can also browse online resources to find kybella services in rhode island.

kybella rhode island

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The positive side is that there's a non-surgical method to slim your face and increase your confidence. Kybella is an injectable treatment that gets rid of the stubborn chin fat and slims your face in Rhode Island.

How Kybella Works

If a doctor injects Kybella in your submental area (your cheeks) it eliminates fat cells, which reduces the appearance of double chins. The FDA has approved only Kybella to be used in this region.

You can receive as many as six Kybella injections spaced at least a month apart to get the best outcomes. However, most people get two treatments. These treatments must be scheduled between 4 and six weeks between each treatment. The procedure that is performed is known as injection lipolysis. This is an operation that breaks down fat with an injection.