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Masonry Restoration Is Needed, When?

There are a number of visual symptoms that can occur when masonry and masonry structures need to be restored. Restoration of the current stone or brick structure may only call for replacing a few masonry units that have been damaged by accidental blunt force.

To do this, it is necessary to sand the mortar surrounding the damaged unit, remove the damaged elements and return them to the site with elements suitable for the grenade launcher. You can also get the best masonry repair & restoration services in Milwaukee.

These are signs that the masonry structure is surrounded by the elements in it and the wall material is starting to break. This type of damage is usually caused by moisture getting into the brick or masonry facades and falling there.

Then as it freezes and thaws, the material expands and shrinks at different rates, causing all the material, brick, and mortar to collapse.

The cause of this type of damage needs to be stopped by looking for the source of the water leak, whether it is a leaky wall, a flashing wall or a wall covering, etc.

As soon as the leaking moisture is detected and stopped, there are several options: Perform repair or recovery, depending on the extent of the damage.

Sometimes, if the amount of damage is large enough, you will be better served (reasonable in terms of cost and time) to replace an entire wall or building. There are also cases when the plinth or wall footer is the cause of wall damage.

If there is damage to the foundation or an unstable foundation, then the mortar on the brick or stone structure begins to retract or separate from the brick or stone block, leaving gaps between the mortar and masonry elements in a horizontal staircase pattern.