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The Defense Base Act And Workers Compensation

The defense base act (DBA) was enacted in 1941. Its original intention was to provide benefits in the form of compensation to private contractor employees performing military service at US bases overseas.

The special Worker's Compensation programs attorney in the law company will clarify the advantages which are readily available to employees, through the defense base act (DBA) and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA), that are employed by government contractors in overseas locations.

defense base act coverage

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What benefits are available to employees?

DBA / LHWCA insurance services are considered to be superior to "regular" employee compensation system services. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

-67% of your average weekly salary until you can go to work.

-Full medical care when you need to treat your wound until you have completely healed or reached the -maximum possible recovery point.

 How the Defense Constitution / Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act lawyer can help injured government contractor employees

DBA / LHWCA claims can be very complex, especially when dealing with disability issues. With that in mind, these claims are "winnable" but you'll need help from a lawyer who:

-Understand the complex legal framework for a DBA / LHWCA claim and know how to apply it to your unique injury.

-Have access to specialists in all disciplines, especially in physical medicine/rehabilitation.

-Have sufficient prior knowledge to accurately assess the potential for an injured worker to fully recover from the injury.