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In Home Doctor Visits in Charlotte

It's hard to get to the doctor when you don't drive anymore or you struggle with some chronic medical conditions. The results may be missed appointments and lack of needed care. But the growing trend makes it easier for older adults to get medical attention, bringing a routine test and diagnostic test to the patient's door.

This is called in-home doctor visits medical treatment – when doctors, nursing practitioners, doctor assistants, or other provider visits and treat older adults right in their homes.

Different from home health care

Home-based medical care is not the same as home health care, which sends nurse and skilled therapists to your home specifically to help you recover from disease, injury, or surgery, with the aim of helping you get better and get your independence.

Instead, home-based medical care is more like a trading home call. "This is their routine visit.  In some cases, home call providers can visit when you experience sudden diseases, such as infection. Some providers can carry X-rays or ultrasound machines and equipment to draw blood and collect urine.

Making a difference

What's clear is that house calls have a positive effect on older adults. "One of the main things is that someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to see a doctor now has one to help manage their chronic conditions.