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What is Promotional Modeling

A promo model, also known as a brand ambassador or spokes-model, is hired by a talent agency or staff to drive consumer awareness of the product, service, or brand. Promotional modelling is growing and becoming more popular than ever because it is an easy way for people to make extra income.  

Getting into promotional modelling is not challenging because all that it requires is seeking out staffing agencies, by simply Googling "event staffing" or "talent agencies near me". Hundreds or even thousands of websites will pop up with staffing agencies. Signing up for this institution is as simple as filling out an application online and possibly sending a photo (not necessarily professional headshots) that displays your winning personality.

Anyone can be a promotional model if they have good work ethics, communication and organization skills, as well as personality, positive attitude. Promo models and brand ambassadors need to be dependable and up for change because of the events and assignments that often are in urban and public locations that bring in diverse and live crowds.

While maintaining a clean, attractive appearance is very important to get booked for jobs, you do not have to worry about looking like a typical model to get the job done. Unless a particular assignment requires a specific look, many people, both men and women ages 18-60 of all backgrounds can do promotional work.