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Secure Email For A Competitive Advantage

The topic of email security seems to be in the news almost every day. Whether it's sensitive information accidentally being sent to illegal users or hackers getting access to corporate messages, the lack of protection for email is a persistent problem. 

In the past, encrypting email has been a complex issue for end-users and a nightmare for administrators. Fortunately, email encryption has improved in many ways. It makes it easier for desktop and mobile users to use and offers increased efficiency, performance, and data protection for enterprises. Below are some examples of how this modern system can benefit your business and Business Email Management & Collaboration.

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Compliance With Legal Requirements:

Many organizations process confidential information about their customers or employees and are legally required to protect it. This information often relates to health, financial, or human resource issues. If you pass this data on to users or partners, such as to the designated service provider, this must be protected in accordance with the regulations during transportation. Standard e-mail cannot be used due to uncertainty and sending faxes is often inconvenient.

Customer Service:

Companies that work with support departments are knowledgeable of the expense and complexity of processing incoming customer inquiries. Part of the predicament is that you can receive requests by fax, phone, and mail, all of which require re-entry information. Also, they are time-consuming and error-prone.  

However, due to a lack of security, disclaimers are usually added warning the user not to enter sensitive information on the form. Some email encryption systems are designed to allow customers and outsiders to initiate secure messages within the organization. This is usually done via a web page where users can submit sensitive information needed to resolve their problem and send the data securely to an agency or department that can process the request.