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Things Parents Should Know About Thumb Sucking

The root cause of all the confusion is the lack of information. This applies in the case of parents when their child adopts the thumb sucking habit. Parents are not sure about what to do or how to respond to their child's thumb sucking.

Ask friends and neighbors usually do not help because everyone seems to have a different theory about thumb sucking. You can click here to know about the methods of getting rid of thumb sucking and finger sucking habits.

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Many of the tips and advice you get along the way are often contradictory, something which further increases the confusion. It is important to remember that this confusion can only be removed with the proper information. Here are some things every parent should know about sucking her thumb.

Parents often get worried because there is a general perception that thumb sucking is harmful to infants and toddlers. Most parents would ask their children to remove their thumbs out of their mouths, even when they may not be sure how exactly it affects their children.

It is wrong to tag thumb sucking as a problem. Even the American Dental Association to accept that thumb sucking is normal and does not affect the alignment of the teeth or jaw among children 2-4 years.

Sucking the thumb is a kind of rooting reflex and part of a child's survival instinct. This is something that babies start learning when they are still in the womb. Babies and toddlers amused when they suck their thumbs and with time, it becomes a coping mechanism for them.