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Endometriosis Cause – A Medical Mystery

Endometriosis' cause remains something of a medical mystery. There are a number of theories as to what causes this disease but a definitive diagnosis by medical researchers has yet to be found. It is estimated that there are over 70 million women worldwide who suffer from the symptoms of endometriosis making it a modern epidemic.

One problem that appears to be holding back the search for causes of endometriosis is the inability of researchers to trace it globally. You can look for the most common endometriosis causes at https://endometriosisassn.org/about-endometriosis/causes.

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Understanding the relationship between the ecological, social, and hereditary origins of women with endometriosis seems far from determining the cause. At present, only speculative theories exist to determine the causes of endometriosis. The more well-known and powerful theories include:

• Retrograde menstruation – Also known as the "backflow" theory, first introduced in 1921 by Dr. John Sampson said it. This is a type of menstrual insufficiency where some of the menstrual fluid is forced into the fallopian tubes and back into the abdominal cavity.

• Genetic inheritance – in most cases endometriosis appears to run in families. This reasoning was first theorized in 1943, and researchers have continued to follow this line of thinking.

• Transplant theory – This theory of causes of endometriosis is based on its release by the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This will explain endometrial cells finding their way to other parts of the body.

• Latrogenic Transplant – This idea is largely unproven, but supports the idea that endometriosis spreads throughout the body during surgery.