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Ways To Treat Dog Separation Anxiety

There is no consensus among dog trainers and vets about how to best treat separation anxiety in dogs. The recommendations differ depending on the severity of the anxiety as well as the behavior problems that the dog displays.

Dog separation anxiety behaviorists can help you treat dog separation problems in your dog. Dogs experts can suggest different ways to treat your dog and save them from anxiety issues.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Dog experts are closest to an agreement on anxiety treatment. They recommend the use of behavioral training. Even vets who advocate the use of drugs for anxiety will suggest a training program to go along with it. 

Exercise is the best way to make your dog tired and he will sleep fast if he has done enough exercise. Dog owners often take their dogs for long walks. If they're going out for a prolonged period of time, they can hire a dog walker.

Dog owners can also leave their dogs with fun toys to keep them entertained. The chew toy is very popular because it can be filled with food and takes dogs a while to get in. This method is best for dogs that are left alone on a daily basis.

An anxious dog can be given both non-prescription and prescription medication. The non-prescription formulations can be used to calm anxious dogs for up to a few hours. They are herbal-based and have no side effects. 

Prescription medication should only be used in extreme cases of anxiety. This is usually after all other options have failed. Because this medication can cause side effects, you will need to consult your veterinarian.