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Guide To Securing Your Business Computer Network

Today, protecting your corporate computer network is not an option rather than a necessity. This is an important process that needs to be carefully and precisely planned and budgeted for financially.

Many small businesses in particular lack the resources to hire specialized IT staff and purchase the equipment necessary to lock down a business computer network. To get more details about computer network management, you may visit https://www.firefoldtech.com/network-administration/.

computer network management

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However, security is paramount, and a data breach can end business. Some threats come from a variety of sources, such as Website breaches, illegal downloads, and wireless networks. This threat is somewhat difficult to overcome given the limited resources available. However, this guide is meant to help you get a good idea of how to protect your computer network.

Wireless networks are a major cause of security breaches. Wireless internet requires a broadband connection connected to a wireless router, which in turn transmits signals in the air.

Once done, any computer within range can access your network. This means that any hackers around can access the information on the network or computer. This can be a cause for concern unless your wireless network is secure.

Oftentimes, a password is not sufficient to keep your wireless network secure and steps must be taken to keep your company's wireless network completely secure. These steps include reducing your router's transmission power, keeping your SSID secret, and protecting your router and the interface for managing your access point.