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The Process Of Company Registration For Business In Indonesia

Advantages of Company Registration

Once Your plan to start your own business, it Is crucial to find the Company registered. The process of company registration in Indonesia signifies a genuine and real organization.

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This is a result of the many features and amenities connected with it such as separate identity, limited liability, more funds, less threat, some advantages of Private Limited Company Registration are:

It is limited liability; hence the individual assets are not affected in the event of loss or any type of danger. With the enrollment, it appears authentic, which attracts more customers.

It generates goodwill and dependability.

The enrollment also protects those resources.

It contributes to more capital, hence more capital creation.

It provides an opportunity to grow and expand further.

It has the benefit of continued being unlike in OPC. It could just cease to exist on the status of non-compliance or failure to comply with rules and regulations. The registration of the supplier obtains another identity as an individual.

Procedure for Company Registration

With several advantages of the registration, it is quite beneficial in giving assistance to the start-ups in the country. Registered firms enjoy more advantages than an unregistered business. The ministry of corporate affairs has laid down the following procedure for the registration:

Measure 1: The members of the business have to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate.

Step 2: All the directors of this company should acquire a DIN (Director Identification Number)

Step 3: Find or think about a special and creative name. Then apply for the name availability by filling an application form.

Step 4: Document the MoA and AOA for the registration of the private limited company.

The details of the process and benefits of the company registration are mentioned above in the report.