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Finding Cold Sore Treatments That Work Fast

Natural treatments for cold sores that are quick-acting aren't necessarily referred to as available over-the-counter treatments. Cold sores are a type of blister that usually appear on the lips or on the exterior inside of the mouth. Sometimes, they will release a puddle of pus which can then turn over and form the form of the appearance of a scab. 

The scabs typically heal after several days. The sore is due to Herpes Simplex viruses. They are extremely infectious. The majority of cases clear within seven to 10 days. There are many natural cures that can be used to cure sores that are cold. You can also order medicines for cold sore treatments online.

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A lot of people prefer using organic methods to treat specific ailments. There are many over-the-drug treatments that are available, however, most "green" users prefer natural treatments. Natural remedies are as effective as drugs that are sold at the store to treat cold sores.

It was discovered that Lysine can slow the spread of the herpes virus. The naturally produced enzyme in our foods. They are found in food items such as cheese, milk and wheat germ, fish red meat, and many other food items. Thus, Lysine supplements can help in removing the sore.

Lemon balm is another organic cure for cold sores thanks to its properties against viruses. Researchers have discovered that lemon balm is able to accelerate healing for this condition. Studies have proven that lemon balm reduces the time for the sore to about half if untreated. When utilized regularly it can reduce the frequency of sores.