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Tips on How to Remove Gum from Carpet

How does a person ensure that the gum adhesive they have on their carpets will not reappear later? Or even that there is no sticky residue? Because whether commercial or residential, their carpets do always have a way of "being stuck" with gums. And they need a way for that soiling to come out.

Nobody likes to make surprising discoveries of gums under a table or at the sole of their shoes. Why would a carpet be any different? The fibers of your carpet are able to make it a gooey sort of a mess especially if the gum stays unremoved for too long.

The gum removal methods differ with respect to the type of carpet, the severity of your calamity, and of course what you would have available at your home.

  • Using Chemical Solvents

Chemical gum remover for rug can also be used to break down the piece of gum when applied and scrubbed over it. It is advised that such an option be considered only as a last resort. This is because products need to be completely rinsed out of the carpet just as carefully too once they have treated the spot. If you fail to do it, the rapid re-soiling is even more disgusting in appearance. A necessary precaution is also that you test them first on an inconspicuous part.

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  • Freezing Gum

Did you know that there are actually "freeze sprays" that you could use as one of the several techniques that would freeze the gum and make it easier to chip off the undesirable area? However, the simplest method would be to use an ice cube, place it on top of the gum for some time so that when the latter turns hard, you would be able to remove the gum too.

  • Using Peanut Butter

Letting it work itself on the gum after it had been applied for a few minutes enables a trouble-free removal. A great way as it is, it should be noted too that in this case you must have the peanut butter stain dried for an hour at the least before removing and vacuuming it away.

  • Drying

Using a hair dryer is another method to remove it. It softens the gum so that it may stick to the plastic bag or the cleaning rag, which you have to lift away. Take your time in reheating and lifting if you wish to avoid harming the fibers. Heating it again would be required because it is likely that the gum hardens in the process.

  • Cutting

Some people in their panic end up undercutting the chewing gum with a sharp blade. Professionals do not at all recommend getting rid of the gum by removing the carpet fibers affected. Scrubbing gently with a spatula or plastic spoon can work if a gel-based or dry solvent like oil, paint, or grease remover has been applied first.

Further, using those gum removal tools that have been merged with a power screwdriver on semi-synthetic or wool carpets should be avoided. They should be restricted to industrial carpet areas only.

With products and relevant tools that these companies have for powerful steam pressure vacuuming and steam washing, they are the perfect choice for people seeking to remove gum stains. Not everyone can give the proper attention and care that different varieties and materials of carpets demand. There is also a concern for hygiene and for keeping the carpets in their best condition.

The modern cleaning methods for carpets, which these services employ, save a lot of time and stress. The most common among these is the hot water extraction method to guarantee long-lasting purity along with the reduced level of allergens.