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Combating Cannabis Transportation Risks

Moving merchandise from point A to point B should not be challenging in 2020. Regrettably, for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and sellers, it may be. One motive is that the disparity between states in which cannabis is legal and also the national government's position, which classifies cannabis as a narcotic and thus prohibits cross border transportation.

Second, the inability to the lender using FDIC-insured institutions signifies cannabis delivery motorists need to double as money haulers after the product was delivered. For more information, you can search for secure transport marijuana via https://www.evergreenlgx.com.

Guarding Your cannabis fleet 

Luckily, there are best practices that may be instituted to decrease the risk. Do not advertise what you are sending. Driving unmarked vehicles can help ward off criminals and cut back on your driver's odds of being pulled over for suspicious activity.

Security in numbers Drivers traveling with cannabis goods and then returning hundreds or thousands of dollars in money desire a partner equally as a watch and as another pair of eyes.

Make coaching a part of your security policy 

Do not follow other vehicles too near, do not speed, do not drive and text, etc.. Educate them about the organization's policies and processes if they do get attacked or dragged by law enforcement, or from federal and state government.

Use technology to monitor vehicles

Larger fleet carriers are now utilizing in-cab telematics to track vehicles and preserve security by collecting data about the automobile and driver behaviors in real-time. 

Characteristics may include reporting automobile rate and defensive driving in addition to GPS monitoring and security cameras which record theft and any additional action in and away from the automobile.