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Marijuana Seeds vs. Clones – Which Cultivation Option Is Best For You in Los Angeles?

This is the question you’ve been asking yourself now that you’ve made the decision to grow your own cannabis. There are countless articles on the internet that claim one is absolutely better than the other; but is it true? 

Let’s take a journey through the debate of seeds vs. clones and come to our own decision depending on what works best in each of our own particular settings.?

Even though in most European countries the purchase of clones is illegal, in some states in the USA and Canada it is possible to buy clones without a problem,  If you live in a legalized country, then there are many shops where you can buy cannabis clones. In most cases, cannabis clones retail for about $5-20 each, depending on size. There are additional costs, especially if the cannabis clone is a rare cutting or from a famous breeder. You can even buy them online from https://clonesbros.com/

cannabis clones for sale

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The Advantages of Cannabis Clones

  • Clones play an integral role in most marijuana production facilities. Their advantage of already being mature plants, uniform, and guaranteed females is the most strong allure for utilizing cannabis clones in your garden.

  • Cannabis clones are clones taken from a mother plant. The mother plant can be from a feminized clone or from a regular cannabis clone. These cuttings are usually lateral branches of the larger mother plant. These cuttings are then placed in small Rockwool or equivalent cubes and left to develop their own root system. Then clones carry the exact same genetic material from the mother, which means the exact same phenotype.
  • Another advantage to cannabis clones is that you can make clones from these clones. This means you will have an endless supply of a clone as long as you keep a mother in a vegetative state (18/4 or 24-hours lights on). We will discuss how to clone a weed plant (mother) in a separate series.

The Advantages of Using Cannabis Seeds

  • Buying your own cannabis seeds opens a plethora of options in the world of marijuana. Your horizon is entirely open, and the endless list of cannabis strains is at your disposal (as long as your wallet is as well).

  • Growing cannabis plants from seed mean that you can search for strains that will work for you, either due to your growing environment or medical needs. Looking for a cannabis seed that will grow short and bushy? Perfect, you’ll find loads of these in marijuana seed catalogues. Searching for a strain that will give you that electrifying high with no ceiling? Of course! All you need to do is search for it, and you’ll eventually find it in seed form.

  • Another advantage to growing cannabis plants from seed is that you can rest assured that you’re growing verified genetics. In my experience, a significant problem in the cannabis industry is that dispensaries often sell customers cannabis products that aren’t the strain that they claim it is.