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Know About Specialty Marijuana Seeds And Strains

How many clones can I delete from the parent plant before overdoing it?

This can be called a parent plant, but that doesn't mean you can cut it. You need to nurture and grow parent plants to produce very healthy clones, while trimming them to fit your space.

You should not take too many clones at the same time, because you will end up with a large tree trunk with a few remaining shoots. Check out here to know more about marijuana clones.

You should also consider using a new parent plant after many generations of cloning.

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What are the best cloning tips?

One of my favorite techniques is double immersion. This involves taking the clone and wetting the bottom inch with water, then soaking the wet inside of the powder with root hormones.

After the powder is completely glued to the wet part, you can dip it in the root gel to seal this root powder and give a double dose of natural growth hormone.

How big is the clone?

The ideal size for a marijuana clone is between 3 and 5 inches. It is convenient enough to install in most greenhouse domes and be firmly placed in the root environment.

The real answer will depend on your environment and the tools you use to support root growth. Cuttings of any size can be processed into clones.