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Get The Best Brake Service

Service and repair of brakes are very important for the safety of you and your family. This safety system is the most important element of your car for all practical purposes. Without a well-maintained braking system, you can stop quickly in an emergency. In order not to get into this situation, let's look at the components of the braking system.

In a car braking service system, your main components are the drum or disc brakes as well as the lines, pedals, master cylinder (booster), combination calipers and valves, fluids (usually oil), and rotors.

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When you press the pedal to stop, your car transfers that power to the system via fluids. Since your car requires more power than you can exert with your feet, the vehicle needs to increase its power. He does this in two ways: mechanical gain and force multiplier. This means that when you press the pedal, the force you exert is multiplied by a factor of 36. This means that with 10 lbs of brake pressure, you will have 360 lb of brake force.

There are two ways this system can fail. One method occurs when the car is dehydrated and the other method when there is air in the lane. Low fluid means you leak. In the case of slow flow, the pedal can feel "messy" and less effective. If your line tears, all of the fluid will splash out the first time you press the pedal and you will have serious brake damage. The air in the ducts means all you have to do is drain the ducts, which is as bad as running out of fluids.