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Find Out How to Choose A Quality Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls come in all ages, styles, shapes, and voices, making them very difficult to buy. From modern to vintage, from large to small, from dulcet bass to sharp highs, and from crystal to metal, the possibilities are endless. There are two related factors to consider when learning how to choose a singing bowl. You can choose the top crystal sound bowls at https://www.shop.rekindi.com/shop/yoga-accessories.

  • Your bowl size

Singing bowls are available in a variety of sizes from 8 inches to 20 inches. Consider whether you want to travel with your bowl or not. In this case, you can choose the smaller one with a range of 8-10 inches which is easy to carry and carry. Otherwise, you can enjoy constant size increases, i.e.16 inches, at your own special place. For a good compromise, choose something in the 11 to 14 inches range.


  • Tone your bowl

Remember that the overall height of your singing bowl is inversely proportional to its size – a smaller bowl makes a higher sound, while a larger bowl produces a deeper sound. Think about which tone suits you. Think of your favorite song or musical instrument.

 Do you usually like deep, warm, soft notes or sharper high notes? Many online retailers will also note down their specific mug sounds to help you find the right mug. A high-quality bowl has a tone that lasts and sounds crisp, saturated, and clean. Notice how the sound affects how you feel. The ideal bowl has a voice that speaks to you on a deeper level, resonates with you, and can be heard regularly.