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Explained: Bed Bug Pest Control

Most people think of bedbugs as a problem of the past. And, until a few years ago they were right. That is not the case today. Bedbugs have again become a problem and they seem to be gaining ground on us.

Bed bugs are small flattened insects that, unlike fleas and ticks, do not require a blood meal to perform their reproductive process. Instead, the source of food of the bug is blood. People tend to associate bed bugs with grime. 

This is not usually the case. Bed bugs can be introduced in some of the cleanest locations. They tend to "make auto-hike" in the clothes or the luggage of passengers while the person is completely ignored by their presence. In this way, they propagate, usually motels or hotels, in houses.

They are active at night. They tend to feed once every five to ten days. They tend to hide in the folds and mattress seams during the day. They are attracted by carbon dioxide in the breath of a sleeping host. After dusk, when everything is calm, they come out, collect their meal and return to their rest areas. The bite is completely painless because they have a small amount of analgesic in their saliva. 

Bed bug infestations are usually detected by small blood stains on clear color bedding. This appears when a clogged adult is inadvertently crushed by their asleep host. The red spots in the folds of the mattresses can also be an index.

Know The Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed Bugs are small insects that prey on human blood to live. They drink human blood until they are full. Their prey on the human body starts when they sleep, so they drink human blood and get their stomach filled and hide someplace in your bed or in furniture like table, chair, etc. Bed Bugs continue to stick to your blood and prey on the human body until they are full.

Bed bugs presence can be sensed in the initial stages and we can always get rid off them. If overnight some red marks appear on your body that hurts then signs of bed bug bites and their presence in your house can be easily sensed. You can check out bed bug treatment at https://www.bedbugbarrier.com.au/bed-bugs/.

Close up of bed bug feeding

  • If you are having an urge for itching at regular intervals then bed bugs are residing in your home.
  • If you see some small bugs regularly on your bedside then there is bed bug infestation in your house.
  • If you are not keeping your house clean then the presence of bed bugs can be a surety.
  • If you are sensing an odour which you do not think exists then your home is infested by these insects. You can check various online resources to get more info about it.

Know About Treatment of Bed Bugs in Apartments

Heat works by raising the temperature in the building to levels at which bed bugs cannot survive. It is 100% effective and chemical free. Both chemical and heat will be effective. I prefer heat (called thermal remediation) (see resource for more information). This can be expensive which is why many building managers resist this approach.

If your landlord does not take action, try contacting your local health department to see if they can help. Also either the City or State Attorney General's office can help enforce any laws in your area that regulate landlords and bed bugs. Note that many states and cities do not have laws that help.

Bed Bug Steamer

In the mean time, the resources listed below have some suggestions that could help protect your family. This includes:

– Sealing base boards with caulk

– Placing fossil dust around the perimeter of the room

– Moving beds 6 inches from walls/furniture

– Wear tight fitting clothes to bed

– Treat the mattress with heat using a hand steamer or even a hair dryer (hold on each section of mattress for 30 seconds to generate heat needed to kill insects)

– Treat the perimeter of the apartment with a residual bed bug spray (see resource for suggestions), which will kill bed bugs for several weeks.