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The Best iPhone Application For Students

University students are a group of busy people – they need to give assignments the next day, they must be on time for their summer work, they want to follow the latest news on campus, and they want to find some entertainment when the lecturer becomes too boring.

So today, we will introduce some powerful campus Apps for students. There are 3 of their categories.

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1) Organized

2) Entertainment

3) and finally, social networking.

So let's start!

The 'organized' application (or productivity application) is what must be owned on every cell phone or tablet. If you want to have great organizers, journals, and sketch ideas all in one application, then the extraordinary record will be a good choice.

As the name suggests, the interface and features are very good. You can enter events, notes or even images to different folders like my 'ideas', 'shopping', and even 'travel journals'. There is even a practical sketchbook to sketch your ideas or just scribble when you are bored. It is also equipped with a practical calendar that lets you see your event this month. 

Next, we have an application to keep you entertained

For students who like to read casually to keep them entertained when traveling, Pulse will be the biggest news feed application for you. I'm sure most of you have heard it, the wise it won't be rated 5/5 on the App Store. In this application, you can choose what kind of interest you are and then you will be able to read articles from various publishers.

Now, you can watch your favorite shows while traveling, so don't let the hatred test seize your entertainment