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How To Clean The Corrugated Sheet Drawbar Box

A drawbar box made of a checker plate is not just a simple metal box that is mounted on the trailer dropper, on the trailer couplings, or as a substructure box under the flatbed.  The drawbar box as a storage box or transport box. 

The advantage of the corrugated plate is that it is very strong due to the ribs in the check pattern and is less prone to denting and deformation. Aluminum box made of corrugated sheet metal is a tough, durable material and lighter than stainless steel, even with thin walls.

 Corrugated Sheet Drawbar Box

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This is of course a good thing for the drawbar box, as the things stowed in it are much better secured than in a drawbar box made of wood, for example. In addition, the deformation of the sheet as the corridor is slip-resistant. 

This benefits the drawbar box, which is also often transported and acts as a transport box. You are probably familiar with ramps that are also made with corrugated sheet metal, as they also use anti-slip properties.

If you want to enjoy your drawbar box made of a checker plate for a long time, then you should clean it from time to time. This is also relatively easy to do. 

For basic cleaning, wiping it with water and detergent is sufficient. If the checker plate on your mobile aluminum tool case is already quite blunt in terms of appearance, professionals recommend the use of oxalic acid in many forums.