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Advantages Of Having Tankless Water Heater

Hot water is important for our daily life, from washing, bathing, washing dishes. According to the US Department of Energy water heaters account for nearly 17% of household energy consumption .

They use more energy than all other household appliances combined. Since hot water provides a fair amount of household energy, it is important to use an energy-efficient hot water heater. 

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Tankless boilers are becoming increasingly popular because of their energy efficiency and other benefits. Read on for the benefits of instant water heating:


Instant water heaters may have a higher cost than conventional instant water heaters, but their energy efficiency helps you save money in the long run. 

The US Department of Energy has found that water heaters can be 24 to 34% more energy efficient than traditional household water heaters that use 41 or fewer gallons of water per day. 

For homes that use about 86 gallons a day, they can be 8% to 14% more energy efficient. In addition, tankless boilers have lower operating costs and last longer than traditional systems, resulting in additional cost savings.

Save space

Another advantage of tankless boilers is space savings. Although conventional water heaters are bulky, tankless systems take up very little space.