Safety Concerns for residential Disability Bathrooms

Safety concerns are a major consideration when designing a bathroom for disabled people and must be taken into consideration before beginning construction. An excellent approach to start understanding the different security concerns related to designing a bathroom for disabled people is to take an examination of guidelines for disability bathrooms. If you are looking for one, you can contact a company such as Placeable Solutions to buy temporary disability bathrooms & showers online.

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Many homes are now being constructed with ADA security standards in mind. This is because universal design elements are affecting the construction of homes to prepare for an expected increase in the number of elderly people shortly. 

The price of homes is impacted when at minimum one bathroom is fitted with universal ADA compatible design elements. There are safety standards that govern certain basic, basic aspects of a residence.


Doors to the bathroom and entryways are crucial areas that need to be taken care of for safety and accessibility. Of course, the access doorway is more spacious than a regular door. In some cases, showers should not have doors at all. In reality, the ideal shower has a barrier-free space that is free of obstruction for access.

Sinks and cabinets

Height adjustments are required from accessible to conventional bathroom facilities for disabled people. Who knows when a person who is a wheelchair user or someone with a different kind of mobility aid will require these facilities? There is a specific ADA requirement for accessibility that can be met to ensure these spaces are accessible and safe.

Other safety issues have to be taken care of and these are just a few of the most frequently asked questions.