Reasons to Choose Fixie Bike

Some bikers look down on fixie bikes because they are the simplest of all types of bikes these days. However, you will often hear from people who have tried and tested fixed gear bikes that they are better in terms of mechanism and maintenance.

Compared to road and mountain bikes, 'fixies' do not have gear shifts and other related mechanisms. These make learning to ride easy and simple for beginners. It is also advisable to take these bikes on flat roads rather than hilly and sloping areas as they do not have proper gears to make the ride smooth. You can find the best fixie bike in Berlin through

Because fixie bikes lack a freewheel mechanism, it's impossible to coast while riding. In other complexes, multi-speed bicycles allow riders to coast as their wheels are in motion without even pedaling. These bikes do not have 'fixed' sprockets attached directly to the hub, unlike the 'fix' (hence the bike's nickname).

The speed of a fixie will depend on its rider. Of course, the more you pedal, the faster you go. If you stop pedaling, the bike will stop too. These factors make this bike attractive to professionals and amateurs alike as it helps them build up their leg muscles for a more powerful ride.

If you like to work out, riding a fixed-gear bike as an alternative to jogging or brisk walking can help boost your cardio. Just make sure you ride on even roads and time your ride consistently so as not to strain the foot from pedaling too much.

Another good reason to get a fixed-gear bike is its price range. You'll get around $500 to $1,500, depending on the brand and where it's made. If you choose an online store, be prepared to pay shipping fees and other possible costs. However, it is possible to come across an online store that offers discounted prices or possible online promos and 'sales'.