Know About Custom Antibodies Services

Among the benefits of utilizing custom, polyclonal antibodies solutions are advanced technology. This is reflected in the innovative custom peptide synthesis utilizing Preditope that's a developed multiparametric epitope mapping algorithm.

 From our vast knowledge in custom antibodies development during the last ten decades, we've developed an Optimized 10-week protocol for custom mouse monoclonal antibody production service.

This protocol involves seven immunizations and three-generation bleeds. This protocol has shown a maximum immune response from the host.

Custom polyclonal antibodies services are flexible in that they can meet the requirements of each customer as a result of working together with scientists from other backgrounds. Therefore, able to provide customized antibodies services that are open, flexible, and offered free of hidden costs to our clients.

Once you get the antibodies/production bleeds, it preserves your creature for 15 days, and assume you will need to extend your job thereafter, we gladly offer you this service and it covers two production bleeds and two immunizations per animal per month.

The other benefit is that you get to have expert advice when you contact our experienced scientific personnel to consult about your habit antibodies project. We're also dedicated to keeping you posted on the accomplishments and developments on your project. Details regarding the custom peptide assembly and conjugation, bleed, immunizations, purification, and testing are typically supplied to the customer.

It guarantees the confidentiality of your custom antibodies and custom peptide synthesis project remains your property and that custom polyclonal antibody and the rest of the unconjugated peptides are all delivered to you.