Key Ideas Behind NEBOSH Health and Safety

Although the term 'NEBOSH' may sound like a very effective wrestling trick, it is actually a national examination board well regarded for occupational safety and health. NEBOSH Health and Safety has been offering students around the UK certifications since 1979 with diplomas in Health, Safety, and Environmental Affairs.

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Key Ideas Behind NEBOSH Health and Safety

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NEBOSH Health and safety courses have been taken by people around the world – to be precise in 65 countries. While Nebosh does not do teaching by itself, it recognizes each given organization with the right to impart tuition. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority of England oversees this public body.

Occupational health is a large field and can take place in various aspects of a worksite. Both the WHO (World Health Organization), as well as the ILO (International Labor Organization), have considered occupational health to be important since 1950.

The term occupational health has been revised twelve times, but as an edition, it emphasizes the importance of a safe work environment for employees. It states that no activity or aspect of life at work should be negative for the worker.

It further states that industrial activities should not negatively affect people outside the workplace – for example, from hazards or pollution caused by the way of work/environment. Nebosh health and safety courses help ensure that these concepts remain widely intact.

You will find 3 guiding principles that encourage this ethos – supported by NEBOSH Health and Safety. The first is a moral one – the idea that a worker should not feel under something or keep any danger while doing his work.

The third of three is legal. There is no doubt on this aspect that over the years and decades has become another well-known reason for improved health and safety — an idea that NEBOSH also takes into account health and safety. Failure to ensure that workers have a safe and adequate work environment can result in legal processes

Fire safety, absence of physical hazards such as falling heavy things on employees or workers, risk of heavy lifting, adequate heating (or cooling if necessary), good seating; These are some of the various aspects of this large region – all of which are covered by NEBOSH Health and Safety courses.