How to Make a Salon Cape

Make a salon cape at home for an inexpensive accessory to use at work in a hair salon, or make the cape to use for haircutting at home. You can make a cape solid color to match the color scheme of the salon. Tanjung easy to make and can save the cost of purchasing a new robe with the store price.  To get more details about hair stylist capes you may check here

How to Make a Salon Cape

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Step 1

Round the corner, Place a large plate on the fabric in each corner of the rectangle, and draw the curved edge that divides the corner from the main part. Cut the outer fabric of the curve.

Step 2

Finding the center of one side of 50 inches long. Measuring 26 inches in from the center point. Cut a slit along a line 26 inches long.

Step 3

Draw a circle with a diameter of 5 inches at the top of the 26-inch line. Cut a circle. This is the opening of the neck to the cape.

Step 4

Adding decorative bias binding around the outer edge of the promontory, including a straight slit line. Measure the entire circumference of the Cape, and cut a piece of 1-inch-wide, two-fold bias binding tape to this length plus 1/4-inch. Sandwich edge of the promontory between the vocal folds that bind and sew a straight stitch around the edge to attach.