Capture the Best Drone Footage with these Tips

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Courtesy – dpreview

Professionals and enthusiasts have been capturing stunning videos with the use of drones. But amateur pilots often make a ton of mistakes and end up capturing bad drone footage. If you’ve recently invested in a drone, then follow these tips to capture the best drone footage.

  1. Control the Speed – The sport mode in drones is tempting to fly your drone at high speeds. However, flying your drone at high-speed leads to accidents. Make sure you control the speed of your drone in order to get that amazing aerial footage.
  2. Have a Look at the Environment – Once you reach the location, don’t just unpack your drone and fly immediately. The first thing to do after reaching the location is to look around for the presence of walls, trees, structures etc. This will help you not to crash your drone.
  3. Learn a few Basic Moves – The way the drone moves help you to capture those cinematic shots. Make sure you learn about the joystick movements such as panning, tilting the camera etc. The basic moves offer you to capture amazing footage.
  4. Learn how the Gimbal Moves – Apart from learning the basic moves of your drone, you also need to learn about the gimbal moves. The gimbal moves up and down however, it is the way you tilt the gimbal that matters. For instance; tilt the gimbal up or down depending on whether the drone moves backwards or upwards.

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