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Fans are a more economical and eco-friendly way to cool your home and circulate the air than air conditioners. Ceiling fans and box fans are the two main types of fans for home use. Each fan type has its advantages and disadvantages. 

They also have different applications and costs. There are also installation problems. These factors will help you decide on the right fan for your situation.

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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be permanently installed to cool and circulate air in a room. Ceiling fans are wired directly into the electrical system so they must be installed by a licensed residential electrician. Ceiling fans can be equipped with light fixtures. Many ceiling fans come in a variety of designs to complement the decor. 

Box Fans

Box fans can be carried around to offer airflow and cooling. You can place them in windows to draw in cool air from the outside, particularly on the windward side of your home. A second way to cool your home is to place them facing out on windows on the top floors. This will blow the room's hot air outside. 

A residential electrician is not required to install box fans. They are more affordable than ceiling fans and can be moved to the desired location.


Ceiling fans tend to be more expensive but last longer. You can find cheaper ceiling fans at home-improvement shops that don't come with light fixtures or have simpler designs. 

Although many homeowners install ceiling fans themselves, it is recommended that an electrician be hired to do any electrical modifications.